ippo n Strong Rivals

Well, its an interesting line for me especially, because Iam a fan of Boxing sport n also morikawa’s master piece, fight no ippo n im an Indonesian too,.,

After watching the match of mashiba n itagaki, ippo got quite motivated, n starving for a fight,., then itagaki came up to ask why ippo got motivated,. Ippo praised itagaki for his last match, n mentioned it as one of the reason why he got like that,., Well that’s quite a praising for itagaki because it came from his proud senpai,., itagaki thought that ippo is really awesome because he didn’t even realize how great he is,,.,

When at the gym, coach kamogawa came n said to all of them (ippo, itagaki, n aokimura) that they are actually making a progress with their effort, but also that their effort define their own weakness n made them remember they are a boxer for 24 hours a day, so they must keep in their mind the things that they lack n don’t waste their time,.,.
Then coach kamogawa announced to them that ippo also have a match,., ippo would fight against Indonesian champion,., but aokimura made it like a piece of cake fight for ippo because this Indonesian champion only in 3 fights despite his undefeated record,. But ippo made such an expression n asked to coach kamogawa, what kind of a man he is, with only 3 fights he could be a champion,.,n the coach answered to ippo’s question, hE is unrivaled GENIUS,., ( Ippo got shock at his experession)

Well,., Then the fun begin,. The coach kamogawa gave the video about this Indonesian boxer,. But its not like the video about showing that expected instead giving them more anxiety or curiousness,.,because the video just showed about the nature of Indonesia land n dozen of monkeys,. but Ippo caught something, in the dozen monkey there is a man that swinging around the trees,. N yes,., he is the Indonesian champion that we are talking about,. Ippo assumed that he has wild athletic ability n agility. But More anxious thing came up when ippo knowing about his opponent second,., He is Miguel zail, that had been the corner of bryan hawk,. The former of middle weight world champion,.,.

N about this Indonesian champ, itself,., he is still very young boxer, that caught the attention of Miguel zail because of his raw talent,. This Indonesian champion name is wolly,., Wolly has a dream about protecting the island n the monkey,., so if he could be the world champion then he would spread the words,., Miguel zail thought that wolly doesn’t need to win to ippo because all he needs is experience, though he never said about him actually losing in this match.,
Then wolly n Miguel zail headed for a sparring match with someone,., then they headed to New York,., surprisingly they sparred with volg zangief, the 1st ranked wBA, n it seemed like volg is too strong,., n the coach dankichi warned to Miguel zail about wolly safety. But Miguel said that its okay for him to learn,. Then something unpredictable came up,., when volg started to get serious n corner wolly,. Wolly Surprisingly disappear, n made such a counter,. But eventually they made a trade punch each other,.,.(then volg called a stop for this sparring match)

(to be continued)


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  1. blackenedgreen
    Nov 12, 2009 @ 21:19:26

    It has been sometimes since last I read my dose of Ippo, it was when I was in a rented house with a bunch of manga and anime aficionados, but I recall that they took some kind of bet on who’s going to loose to these two asian boxers, one of them from Indonesia and quite grotesquely described in the manga, I wonder if what you are telling here is that same story.

    I didn’t take much interest to the indonesian fighter at that time, since his appearance was quite short and uneventful.

    If I might assume where you are heading with this writing (to be continued?) yes we have Chris John, but I don’t think the Japs took that for anything, besides the best boxer from Asia now is admittedly Paquiao. As inspiring as any manga might be, the Indonesian boxer incident in Ippo I suppose would be nothing but a sub-quest.



    • princerioz
      Nov 12, 2009 @ 23:04:42

      well actually,.,this story of ippo is quite new,., so i dont think its the same story that u recalled back then,., well thats of course everyone will think this boxer resemble to chris john,. because he is one of world champion that claimed the title of super champion,., yeah paquiao is also one of best boxer., but this chapter make it as if this indonesian boxer really a great raw talented person,., so its just one of ippo’s story,., But still make me proud,., btw thanks for ur comment ,., i really appreciate it,.,
      Look forward to the next story,., ^^,., i’ll wait for ur further comment,.,


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