Firstl, I’d like to tell u about a game that involved in this anime, yes! That’s go, or igo, u can call it like that., There is such simple rules for this game, but the strategy that involved in this game are very deep n interesting.
Hikaru is the main character of this anime,. His full name is hikaru shindou,. The setting of this anime is when hikaru still 6th grade schooler.., He met sai (fujiwara no sai) at his granpa house after when he saw a bloodstain on an old go board,. Sai is a ghost from heian period,. He was a Go tutor of the leader of that period,., but unfortunetly he got an accident n forced to suicide,.
After that moment sai lived at hikaru mind,., n started to play go to reach kami no itte ( Hand of God/divine move),. Sai is really a go freak., when he played go again after a long time,. He did cry,. N hikaru felt something,.,
The meeting with akira Touya
Akira touya is a grade schooler like hikaru, he is a son of the top player, touya meijin (mejin is a title),., Akira touya is no ordinary kid when it comes to go,. His power n skill is like a pro even he is just a grade schooler,., when hikaru played akira for the 1st time (actually sai did it),. Akira lost to hikaru,.then he got shock after knowing that hikaru just began to play go,. He wonder who hikaru is.Then touya starting to look for hikaru where is,.,when he met at the side of road ,they talked about the the dream of touya to become pro,.n he asked to hikaru if he want it too,.then hikaru said that its not too bad to become pro for a little n take one or two title,n Akira GOT angry with this,.he cant let what hikaru have said.,it’s the greatest insult for pro,. Because its really hard to become pro,.even after they sacrifice their sweat,tears,n come to desperate,., n for the 2nd time when he lost to hikaru, he felt a big wall block his way,., but actually hikaru is surprised with Touya determination when it comes to go,.it looks like he cant lose no matter what,.,Hikaru felt that its just him that don’t have any determination n being left behind,. N hikaru started to learn go at his School n of course with sai help,.,.

(to be continued)


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