Ichigo 200% ~


The stories begin five years after graduation days in Izumisaka high school. Someday, in Sotomura residence family, Sotomura’s cell phone suddenly ringing,

“I wonder who call me at this early morning”. Sotomura thought.

The number showed in the cell phone didn’t match with all the number in sotomura address, which means the caller’s name won’t show up. After he pick up the call, Sotomura was get very shocked because the call was actually from Manaka, his friend in Izumisaka high school and the director of film club,

“Hey, how are you doing” say Manaka.

“I’m fine,” Sotomura replies, “Why you suddenly call me up?”

“Ah, I want you to arrange a reunion for us, member of Izumisaka film club. It’s almost been a year since we held a reunion like this, don’t you think? Well, I want to meet the others and see how they’re doing right now”.

Sotomura thinks a bit in his mind “Hmm, a reunion ehh…., it’s actually a great idea…, I want to know how the girl has grown up”. And then he says, “Okay, I’ll arrange this reunion. The meeting place is like always, in Kitaooji family restaurant, okay? And when you will be in Kyoto Manaka?”

“I think I will be in there a week later at 3 PM, you tell the other, okay?”

“Yeah, sure” and then he hangs up the call.

A week after that, by the car that he buys with the money from his successful home production, Sotomura go to the train station to pick up Manaka. After at least ten minutes, Sotomura arrive at the train station. Sotomura seeing around inside the station, well, fortunately there are not many people who going to Kyoto at this time so he won’t get a difficulty in finding Manaka,

“Hah, I’m glad there is not many people in here, It would take a day just to find Manaka if now is vacation time, Manaka sure pick a good time to held a reunion”, he says.

At no time, the train that scheduled brings up Manaka from Tokyo get into the station. After a while, all the people that ride the train get down. But, no one of all people who get down from the train who looked likes Manaka.

“Maybe he ride another train, there is a lot of train from Tokyo, isn’t it? Ah, it’s my fault not asking what train he’s going to ride… ”. Suddenly, someone who wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans, talk to Sotomura. “Hey, long time no see, are you waiting here long enough?” when Sotomura turn around to see the man who talked to him, Sotomura was shocked that the man who talked to him was a man who had a quiet built body and very lively face. It was completely different from Manaka that Sotomura knows, still absorbed by the shock, Sotomura asks “Are you really Manaka?”

“What’s with that face? Are you didn’t recognized me?”

“You sure change a lot, you know?”

“Is it? Hmm, I didn’t think I changed that much, you’re the one who didn’t change Sotomura…”

“Hehe, although my appearance didn’t change, my life has changed a lot you know? But…, I really surprised by your looked, Well, I have met you last year so I didn’t get much surprised with your quite built body…, but your expression…, your expression sure changed a lot, It seemed so much lively since the last time we met.”

“Oh, you think so…, hmm, maybe because I’m quite happy this year.”

“Hmm, I wonder it’s must be because the great affection from Tsukasa-chan, say are you have ever doing that with Tsukasa-chan?” say Sotomura with perverted face.

“Do-Doing what?” say Manaka with a little blushed face but still with calm tone.

“Haha, don’t act silly…, you already know what I meant, Are you have ever doing XXX thing with Tsukasa-chan, heh?”

“Of course I haven’t…, Are you think Tsukasa was the type that easily doing this and that?” say Manaka angrily.

“Now now…, don’t get mad so easily, it’s was a joke you know…”

“Well, seems your personality didn’t change too, Sotomura”

“Well, I take that as praise my friend, now we must get going to Kitaooji restaurant family, the others have waited in there”. Then they were going to Sotomura’s car that parked at the front of train station. At the car that moved with decent speed, Manaka and Sotomura have a little chit-chat regarding each other. The car slowed down and stopped when they arrive in Kitaooji restaurant family. Kitaooji restaurant family was a Japanese style restaurant that have been managed by Satsuki Kitaooji, the girl who had been a club member of Izumisaka film club and also the girl who fell in love with Manaka but only one sided, for this recent years. When they get inside, the waitress guides them to a room that they will hold reunion, and then they open the sliding door. When they looked inside, the room was not very big, but big enough to hold a reunion, with a table in the center. But, the things that attract them most were the people inside it, which were silently looked at them. They looked like distracted by something.

”What? There is something strange?” say Manaka calmly.

“Is…Is that really you Manaka?” say Satsuki with an amazed face.

“Yeah, it’s me…”

“See…, I’m not the one who surprised, isn’t it?” say Sotomura confidently as if he was winning something.

“But…, you are totally changed…, how I should say it.., hmm…., it seems you had different aura” say Satsuki still with an amazed face.

“Hmm…, Am I really that changed, Toujo?”

“Y-Yes, you’re surely changing a lot Manaka-kun…” say Toujo with blushing face.

“Well, let’s get enough with changes of Manaka appearance, let’s begin the party” say Komiyama. Manaka seeing around and the one who had been there is Satsuki, Toujo, Komiya, Misuzu, Sotomura and himself. Suddenly he says “Where’s Hashimoto and Kurogawa-sensei? Are they late?”

After a silently moment, Toujo says “No…, Kurogawa-sensei say that she has a lot of things to do in school, so she won’t be come” say Toujo with sad face.

“And I can’t contact Chinami so I don’t know where she is now”. Sotomura replies.

“You can’t contact her…? But, how that can be? She is one of your actress rights?” say Manaka.

“Well, she’s not my actress anymore, we arguing about something and then without permission she is left out from the home production.”

“It is because you asking her too much in doing such vulgar poses” say Misuzu with cold tone but had an angrily inside it.

“It is a professional model must do, right?” say Sotomura

“So, that’s what you arguing with her and that’s what makes her left you, right?” say Manaka

“Oh, come on, not you’re opposing me too, had anybody is agreeing with me?”

“Well, I totally agree with you, Sotomura. Yeah, I think a professional model should dare to do that” say Komiya.

“It’s because you have the same perverted brain…., And you Komiya, Are you sure you want your precious Chinami to show up to other people?” say Misuzu.

“Well, it have been in the past…, it have nothing to do with the present, now I’m agree to share my Chinami with everyone who want it” say Komiya with a cool face.

“Don’t saying that with cool face, you moron” say Misuzu while hitting him.

At the ruckus, Sotomura came to Satsuki side and say “With the main actress now gone…, will you be the main actress for my home production, Satsuki-chan?”

“Not a chance in 1000 years” say Satsuki while hitting Sotomura up.

Seeing that ruckus scene, Toujo suddenly laugh and Manaka was staring at her thinking how cute Toujo while she laugh, especially with those glasses. Toujo suddenly stop laughing when she realizes that Manaka was staring at her and then turn her face. When Manaka realizes that Toujo was stop laughing because of him he turn his face too. Toujo face was blushing and Manaka feeling uneasy with it. After that, the sliding door was open again, and a waitress who served the meal come inside and put it on the table.

“Alright, stop this ruckus right now…, now we have to eat this meal” say Satsuki commanding to the others. They were eating while having a little chit-chat about what happen this year.

Manaka say “I heard you get award again Toujo…, it’s a best seller novel or something…”

“Yeah, my last novel was fortunately sold out pretty well” Toujo replies.

“It not because fortunate or something, Toujo-senpai…, It’s because you had magnificent talent at writing a story” say Misuzu raise her up.

“Yeah, it’s right” say Manaka.

“Come on, don’t praise me to much…” say Toujo with a little blushed face. “By the way, I heard you won the best new comer award, Manaka-kun!”

“It’s just because I was getting helped by Kadokura-senpai at the production. If not, I didn’t sure I could win that award, besides it’s just a national event not international one.”

“Well, getting the national award means a step closer to international award” say Satsuki raise him up with cheer on her face.

“Thanks, Satsuki, that’s sure lighten me up” says Manaka with gentle smile.

Seeing Manaka face, Satsuki face blush a little.

After finished the meal, Manaka say “I want to go to the restroom to wash my hand, where the restroom, Satsuki?”

“Ah, it was on the corner edge of the corridor when you get inside this building”

“Thanks…” then Manaka going outside. After taking a look to him for a while, Satsuki stand up and walk to the door.

“Ah…, Satsuki-senpai…, where you will go…?” say Misuzu.

“O-Oh…, I have something to do in the kitchen…, I’ll be back soon, don’t worry” Satsuki get a little nervous.

“Oh…,” say Misuzu that wonder why Satsuki get panicked.

Then, Satsuki going outside the meeting room too, but Toujo had a curious looked on her eyes.


“Hmm, it should be this way…” say Manaka while he remembering what Satsuki mention earlier about where the restroom is.

“Ah, there it is…” say Manaka after he found the restroom. After he washes his hand and his face, suddenly someone talked, “So, now you’re grown to a man that quite temptful to a woman”. After he heard that voice he looked at the mirror in front of him. He saw a woman that quite beautiful and have a nice body wrapped in light red kimono in the side of the door. It was Satsuki who talked to him.

Without turns around, Manaka say “Yeah, Thank you…”

Then Satsuki replies “How many girls that have fallen into you since we last met, Manaka?”

“No one, it because they know that I already have a girlfriend”

After Manaka said that, Satsuki showed a little sad face.

“Is your relationship with Nishino-san going well?” say Satsuki with more sad face.

“Yeah, it’s going pretty well…, Thanks for asking that”

After said that, Manaka turn around and walked to the door. After him closer to the door and right in front of Satsuki, he suddenly stopped a while. After that, he was staring Satsuki with a confused face. Seeing that, Satsuki then say “What? Something’s wrong?”

“No…, It just…, weird…, you…, you aren’t trying to seducing me…” say Manaka

After said that, suddenly Satsuki laughs but there are slight bit embarrassed in her face.

“What…?” say Manaka still confused.

“So.., you’re getting used seduced by me eh…? So, you want to get seduced in here, right now?” say Satsuki with temptful face.

“N-No…, that’s not what I meant” say Manaka while get through the door.

“Hehe…, just joke…” say Satsuki still laughing.

After that the two of them passing through the corridor, “So, you aren’t really like getting seduced, right?” say Satsuki. “Well, not really, but a girl mustn’t really easy to give everything, you know…” say Manaka calmly.

“I see…, so that’s why I always get rejected by you…., sigh…, If I can be born again, I wished I could be a more feminine…” say Satsuki sighing.

“But…, you’re become much mature now, Satsuki…, your attitude…, your looked…, you’ve become much neat now…” say Manaka.

“Ah…, Thanks…” say Satsuki with blushing face.

After a moment, Satsuki say

“If only I am more feminine, not aggressive type like I used to, back then in high school…, maybe…, maybe you will love me and choose me instead, right?” say Satsuki with smiling face toward Manaka.

Seeing Satsuki, Manaka can’t say a single word. At the moment, silent was controlling them. Manaka suddenly stop walking, but Satsuki still walked through.

“I’m sorry…,”

Without looking at Manaka, Satsuki listening to what he said, and not say a single word. It looks like Satsuki already know what Manaka want to said.

“I’m sorry…, even if your attitude becomes more feminine back then in high school, maybe I still not choosing you. It’s not your attitude the main reason I’m not choosing you though…” say Manaka with sad voice.

It exactly like what Satsuki thought. Hearing that, Satsuki looks like about to cry, but she hide her face.

“I already know that, you idiot…” say Satsuki in her mind.

“But…, although I didn’t choose you…, even until now…., I still like you very much, Satsuki…”

Satsuki was very shocked with the last word that Manaka said, shocked but happy at the same time. Look like an arrow piercing through Satsuki’s heart. Suddenly her heart was mixed with various emotions. It looks like she’s about to collapsed.

Seeing Satsuki not said a single word, Manaka say “Satsuki…”

After hearing Manaka voice, Satsuki try to controlling herself and not controlled by her emotions. With all the power that left, Satsuki turn around and say “What’s with this serious talk, you know I am not very good at this, right!” Satsuki say it with a forcefully smile on her face. Seeing Satsuki’s response, Manaka somewhat feel relieved, although he knows that Satsuki put that smile forcefully. In his mind, Manaka say “Sorry Satsuki…, it is true that I still like you. But, this is all that I can give to you, hope you find a better person than me…” while seeing Satsuki still act strong. Then, the two of them is going back to the meeting room without saying a single word.

After entering the room, the two of them act that nothing is happen. The others didn’t notice the different, but Toujo notice the difference. Manaka and Satsuki didn’t talk much after they’re come back from outside. Toujo thinks something must be happen between them, but she kept that inside her mind. After the night going pretty late, everybody went back to their home.

“See, ya…, until next time we meet…” say Sotomura to the others.

“Yeah, until the next time we meet…” Manaka replies.

After all the people going home, Satsuki going back to her room. She collapsed herself into the bed. At the moment, she lost though. She was remembering what Manaka said to her back then.

“But…, although I didn’t choose you…, even until now…, I still like you very much…”

While she was remembering those words with Manaka face on her mind, suddenly a tears drop from her eyes, Satsuki was crying.


Toujo was going home alone because the others are going to the different direction. When he walked through a road, she saw a person that waiting under the tree. Toujo become a little scare because that person is mostly a man, but he still walk through the road. Toujo was become scarier because that man notices her and slowly walked to her.

At the time she’s get ready to run, the man hold his hand and say “Ah, I have been waiting for you, let’s walk a bit. There is something I want to talk to you”

Hearing this familiar voice, Toujo hold her intentions to run and turn around. She was absorbed by shock when she saw that man face, it was Manaka who talked to him.

“Manaka-kun…, so it’s you…, why do you have to scare me like that…? I thought you were a stalker…” say Toujo with an embarrassed face but feels relieved.

“What? You think I’m a stalker? You sure imagining a weird thing, Toujo”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to say you’re a stalker, it just you’re waiting under tree, and it is so dark, so I can’t recognize you, sorry…” say Toujo still with an embarrassed face.

“Haha…, don’t mind it…, I’m the one to blame because I didn’t even tell you I was waiting for you though…, it because I don’t want the others know that we’re going together”

Hearing what Manaka said makes Toujo heart beats a little faster.

“You’re surely changed, Toujo…, if I remembering you back then in the middle school, you’re totally changed…, now you’re not too shy like you did back then. Maybe it’s you who’re the one going mature the most, among us” say Manaka.

“Maybe I grew up that much because of you, Manaka-kun” say Toujo in her heart.

“N-No.., I’m not really grown up that much…, I’m still easy to get shy, after all…” say Toujo.

“Really? Well, if you say so…” say Manaka.

Then they were walking in the side of Main Street. When they were walking together, they have a little chit-chat to make the atmosphere feel lighter. Then suddenly Toujo say “What exactly you’re wanted to talked about, Manaka-kun?” say Toujo.

“This is exactly why I want to held this reunion though, but I don’t want the others hear it before you do” say Manaka seriously. Toujo wonders what exactly Manaka want to say so much that the other cannot hear it, before she does. “So…, what it is…?” say Toujo with a curious face.

“I already found it, Toujo…!” Manaka say it a little loud.

“Found…, found what?” Toujo still confused.

“I already found it…, the place that would be the perfect setting for the notebook story of yours. Well, it’s not I have found all the setting though but the place that I found is the perfect setting for main scene, is great isn’t it?” say Manaka with excited face.

Toujo cannot say a single word after Manaka saying that, she was very shocked. She didn’t think that Manaka will be that serious to film her notebook story. Her heart is filled with joy and happiness. Her body trembled because of that. She’s looks like about to cry, but this time is cry of happiness.

“Toujo…, are you alright?” say Manaka after he saw Toujo current state.

“Oh, sorry…, I’m just very happy…, I didn’t think that you will be this seriously to film my story though” say Toujo still shocked.

“Of course I’m really serious to make this movie…, this is our dream back then right? To make a movie that scripted by you and directed by me.”

“Yes, thanks…” say Toujo with a tear drop down from her eye.

“Toujo…” Manaka cannot say a single word after seeing Toujo drop her tear in front of him.

There are no words between them for a while. After Toujo can completely control herself, she says “So, where is this place, Manaka-kun?” The Atmosphere sure becomes lighter after Toujo saying that. Manaka come back to himself after for a second he lost though.

“Ah, the place it still a secret, but you will eventually know it sooner or later…”

“Hah? Why it must be kept in secret?”

“Well, it’s just, it maybe will not getting interesting if I just say it in here.”

“I will make this movie be the best movies that I ever make” say Manaka out loud. “And I will make everybody from the film club to participate in this movie.”

“Yeah, everybody from our film club, this will be great…” say Toujo excitedly

“Yeah, There will be you, me, Satsuki, Sotomura, Misuzu, Komiya, Hashimoto, Kurogawa-sensei and…, Tsukasa too…”

The last name that mentioned by Manaka makes Toujo feel uneasy

“Ni-Nishino-san too…?” Toujo say that awkwardly.

“Yeah, she absolutely will be in this film” say Manaka without seeing Toujo face.

“Oh…, I see…” Toujo said it with sad voice and hide her face.

After hearing this, Manaka turn around and seeing Toujo sadness. He feels guilty of what he said earlier. Then Manaka say “So…, you’re still mad because I choose Tsukasa instead of you…, I guess”

“N-No…, it’s just…” Toujo can’t response that very well.

Before Toujo can finish what he want to say, Manaka say “Hah…, never mind…, it’s probably our fault that things turn out like this. If only both of us notice our feeling toward each other earlier and confess that feeling earlier, maybe things will be different.”

“Yeah, if only both of us confess our feeling earlier…” say Toujo in her heart.

“It’s my fault to be indecisive from the start” say Manaka again.

“But…, If only I’m rather decisive…, and you confess your feelings earlier…, maybe…, maybe I will choose you instead of Tsukasa…, Toujo”

Manaka’s words like a lightning that struck her body. She can’t control herself after hearing such word. Before she can regain her consciousness completely, she cross the street without noticing that there was a car that moving with high speed.

“Hey, watch out!” Manaka hold her hand and pulled it. Accidentally, they were hugging each other. Both of them become blushed after seeing each other faces. “You almost obstructed by that car you know…” say Manaka with still blushing face.

Without paying much attention to what Manaka said, still with a trembled voice,

Toujo say “Manaka-kun…, even now…, I…, I…” she looks like about to crying.

Just before she completes her words, she regains her consciousness and stopped the sentences.

“What? What do you want to say?” say Manaka still with blushed face, he act curious but I think he already knows what Toujo trying to say.

“Ne-Never mind that…, sorry…” say Toujo still with blushed face.

After that there was awkward silence between them. After arrived at the cross road, Manaka say “Well, I’ll be going to that direction, see you later…”

“Yeah, see you later…” Toujo replies.

Manaka cross the street to the other side of the street. After a while, Toujo hear a very loud sound, it was the sound of car’s horn. At a second, there was another sound. It was like something being obstructed. Toujo can’t believe what her eyes saw. She saw Manaka body in the street covered by blood everywhere. Manaka was obstructed by a car.


In Nishino residence family, one hour after the accident,

“Hello, yeah…, this is me…, what!” Nishino drops her cell phone.

“Hello, hello…, you still there?” say the voice on the phone.

Nishino just standing still for a moment, after a while, she pick her cell phone.

“Oh, sorry…, where it happen? Is he okay? Where he is now? Yeah, I’ll be there soon” say Nishino with pale face, and then she hangs up the call.

“Mom, I’ll be going to Kyoto now, please call a taxi…, I’m in hurry” Nishino say that when she packing her clothes.

“What? Why?” her mother look surprised.

“Junpei-kun had an accident in Kyoto, I must go there…” Nishino explains the problem to her mom.

“Oh…, how miserable…, I hope he’s okay…” say the mother with sad face.

Then the mother calls a taxi. Ten minutes later the taxi came to her house.

“Maybe I’ll be back here one week again, goodbye, Mom…” Nishino say farewell to her mom.

“Yeah, take care of yourself in there” say her mother.

Then Nishino rides the taxi.

“To the train station, sir…, hurries…” say Nishino to the driver.

In no time, they have arrived at train station.

“Thanks, here the money…” say Nishino.

Then the taxi went off. Nishino went inside the train station then rides the train to Kyoto. Nishino cannot sleep while in the train because she always thinking about her boyfriend.

“I hope he’s okay…” say Nishino in her heart.

In the train, Nishino always reminisces about Manaka. About his face, his expression and his kindness, but all of that makes her heart hurts more. After at least three hour, the train arrived at Kyoto. Then Nishino calls a taxi.

“Hurry sir, to the Doushigaya hospital…”

“Yes, miss…” say the driver.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the hospital. Nishino runs inside the building.

“Excuse me…, I want to know where room Manaka Junpei is?” say Nishino to a nurse.

“Let see, in room 100, miss” say the nurse.

“Thank you…” then Nishino runs off to room 100.

In room 100, she saw many people that she knew waiting outside the room.

“Ah, at least you arrived, Nishino…” say Sotomura to Nishino.

“What about Junpei condition? Where he’s now?” Nishino rushed Sotomura with question.

“Calm down a bit, please… you must be tired, right? Look…, you’re body is covered with sweat” say Sotomura calming down Nishino.

“But…” say Nishino still worries.

“Manaka still had a surgery in this room, now all we can do is waiting here patiently” say Satsuki.

Nishino look closely to Satsuki, her body was covered with sweat too. Even she forgot to put her hairpin off. “She must be in hurry too…” say Nishino in her mind, but she didn’t think much of it.

“What actually happen to Manaka, Sotomura?” Nishino asked Sotomura.

“Yeah, I want to know too…, since Misuzu didn’t tell the detail…” say Satsuki.

“Well, actually I didn’t know the detail too. When I was going home from the reunion, suddenly Toujo calls me and told that Manaka had an accident. So, I call Nishino and asks Misuzu to call you, Satsuki” Sotomura explain it to the girls.

“What? To-Toujo??” Nishino and Satsuki looked shocked.

“Yeah, Toujo was the one who bring Manaka to this hospital” say Sotomura.

“What was Toujo doing with Manaka?” Nishino looks concerned.

“Yeah, I thought I saw Toujo going home alone from the reunion back then…” say Satsuki.

“Well, don’t ask me that…, I have no idea about that…, better you ask Toujo when she come back” say Sotomura.

“Toujo was still in here? Where is she?” say Nishino.

“Yeah, where is she? I haven’t met her yet” say Satsuki.

“I think she was in restroom now, she was with Misuzu back then…, ah there she is…” say Sotomura. Toujo and Misuzu came with a coffee can in her hand.

“What took you so long?” say Sotomura to Misuzu.

“Well, after going to restroom, Toujo-senpai tells that she needs a coffee, so we bought it on vending machine” say Misuzu.

“Ah, long time no see, Nishino-san…” say Toujo with smiling face after realize that Nishino was in there.

“Yeah, long time no see…” Nishino replies.

“Hey, Toujo…” say Satsuki.

“Yes?” say Toujo.

“There something I need to ask you…” say Satsuki looking to Toujo.

“Yeah, there something I need to ask you…” say Nishino.

“Wh-what is it?” Toujo looks agitated.

“What is exactly happening to Manaka, Toujo?” Nishino look closely to Toujo.

“We-well, he’s got an accident…, he was obstructed by a car when he walked me home…”

“He…walked you home…?” Nishino and Satsuki look surprised.
Writer : Kare4191/Drainark/DarkRain/
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Writer said:
This fan fiction alternative ending of ichigo 100% or you could say a sequel that I can think of. I put some novelish style on it. Hopefully all of Ichigo fan will be happy with my work and I hope there will be a “real” sequel to this manga. P.S: sorry for my bad english… And if the mangaka of Ichigo (Kawashita Mizuki) read this, I hope you will be making a true sequel, not fan fiction that always be make by Ichigo fan all over the world…


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