Well,.,anime is one of my favorite thing, especially like one piece, naruto, eyeshield 21, Fight Ippo, Shaman King, n still many more,.,

At watching anime, we can get not only satisfaction with the taste of the story but also we can get some education,.,

I like quotes that used to be my Inspiration Ex:
ShiN JinHo : There is state that cant be attained without the payment of blood, sweat, and tears
ShOgUn : In the world of wins and losses, only those who have experienced disappointment will become strong
Darrel Royal’s Letter : There is no player in the world who has not lost before. However, the best players will give everything they’ve got to stand up again as fast as possible, Ordinary players take a while to get back on their feet, As for the losers, they will just remain flat on the field
Yoh : We are all weak, so we need friends, friends whom we can laugh and do stupid things with.
Hao : We have to be strong, that’s why people will recognize n trust us, n partner will come naturaly.
Genji : There is people with hardwork that fail, but all success people from the hardwork
Kyubi ChiLd : Never Give UP is My way
ItaChi : Sometimes we have to choice painful decision,.,


4 Komentar (+add yours?)

  1. Haseo
    Okt 04, 2009 @ 13:02:33

    Good Quotation,


  2. yudo_pradana
    Okt 08, 2009 @ 15:27:46

    yoshito usui (pengarang shinchan) meninggal

    o yo, blogmu lumayan bang, simple tapi berbobot,
    sing ptg ki ora tampilane, tapi frekuensi update
    nek sering update, blogmu bakal cepet terkenal,
    biyen aQ ngono, tp saiki wis ora gro2 wis ke-entekan ide
    dadi tak saranke paling ora 1 bulan 4 postingan


    • princerioz
      Okt 08, 2009 @ 22:37:09

      wah makasih bang yudo,.,. Sering2 mampir n kasi saran yo,.,hehe,., Q aku yo blajar2,.,^^,., btw yoshito usui ndak yg meninggal karena jatuh dari tebing itu y? hmm,.,.


  3. Fahmi
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 15:26:00

    i wrote about quotes at anime (one piece) at my blog too….

    salam kenal…


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