Water Boys Review n Download Link

Exciting Summer Atmosphere

At Tadano High School, there is always held summer festival school, and back then there were groups of student performing synchronized swimming at that festival. Their performance attracted many people and visitors, after 2 years those performance just disappeared from tadano high school. This story begin when Shindo Kankuro was choosen as a lead swimmer, as someone that having average swimming skill n lack of confidence, he started his journey with his friend that just transferred to tadano high school named Tatematsu Norio.

Ep1 : Shindo n tatematsu intended to convince the school committee to consider the termination of synchronized swimming at school festival, because of his lousy action not just bring a failure,but it also influenced the swimming club. Shindo almost lost his will to perform synchro, but Tatematsu kept encouraging him. Asako as a friend n neighbour conviced him to make up his mind about something he treasured so much up until now. Then he gained his passion once again, and make sure of himself to go all out this time


EP 2 :
After the punishment given, shindo couldn’t use the pool officially, then he came up with an idea. That was the establishment of synchro swimming club. But there were some problems, they need at least 5 members, and teacher consultant. They started to find more members. Miss sakuma suggested some idea, and at least Takahara came join n now they have 3 members. Ishizuka that just helped Takhara, for some reasons hardly to join the club because he was too afraid of his appearance. After another day the exam result displayed, unbelieveably Tatematsu got the 1st rank, eventhough it looked like he never study befor. Unfortunetly shindo had to re exam due t o his bad result, and also Ishizuka with the same case. Meanwhile Shin n Ishizuka tried to study for re-exam, Takahara tried to overcome his hydrophobic. Shindo conviced Ishizuka to join synchro, when Ishizuka wanted to reject their invitation again, surprisingly Takahara manage to hold breath underwater for 10 seconds, His tenacity moved Ishizuka. That’s great to believe on something, as long as tou don’t give up, there must be a way,.,., N after that they had 4 members.,.,


(to be continued)


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